Cobra Mobility Scooter

Cobra Mobility Scooter


The Cobra is a revolutionary scooter in terms of design, aesthetics and style. It has been aerodynamically designed to provide an extremely stable traction and maximize battery consumption.

Product Features

The Cobra is a remarkable scooter that makes a big statement and sets a new benchmark with its dynamic striking design.

  • The maximum speed of 8 mph *
  • Maximum range of 30 miles on a fully charged battery *
  • Comfortable swivel seat easily slide and recline
  • System electromagnetic brake and emergency brake
  • Adjustable headrest height to suit user needs
  • Adjustable armrest angle and width and rise for easy lateral transfers
  • general suspension ensures a smooth ride and optimal handling
  • Hydraulic adjustment of a touch to suit the user’s needs and help facilitate transport
  • Excellent turning radius for use in small areas and busy environments
  • LED lights and high-level indicators and front and rear lights for maximum visibility in the dark or in dark conditions
  • twins mirrors for visibility
  • Stylish alloy wheels ‘Blade’ with black tires for a smoother ride
  • Including bars delta
  • Roll rear wheels included
  • Anti recoil safety device prevents the scooter from rolling backwards on hills
  • The freewheeling allows movement of the scooter without turning on the engine
  • Recommended MK Battery: 2 x 12V 79Ah
  • Maximum weight 182kg (28st)

PRICE:  4849.00 EUROS

* Subject to the conditions of use


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