Apex I-Nano Mobility Scooter

Apex I-Nano Mobility Scooter

Apex I-Nano Mobility Scooter


Apex I-Nano Mobility Scooter is the ideal scooter to move around the city thanks to its small size. Its modular design (removable in 4 pieces) allows you to transport with great ease.

Features include: LED lights, split battery pack with a off-board charging point, adjustable seat & armrests, 8” puncture-proof wheels, a speed of 8km/h & 2x 18ah batteries giving the scooter a travel range of up to 14 miles on a full battery charge.

The Apex i-Nano compact electric scooter; with ignition key, battery level indicator and speed control. Removable for easy transport. Very manageable. The i-Nano is one of the most compact scooters on the market. It is disassembled into 5 elements in a few seconds and effortlessly fits into the smaller cars. It is a scooter that provides great comfort, autonomy and performance. This is also ideal companion for everyday activities such as shopping at a mall or strolling around the city.

Thanks to its small dimensions and its disassembly mechanism; it is very easy to transport and fits perfectly in the trunk of the car. The reduced dimensions of the Apex i-Nano will give you great maneuverability; even in the smallest spaces. Its ergonomic handlebar, adjustable angle steering column and padded seat guarantee the user a relaxing and comfortable ride.


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